All good things come to those that wait...

Two of 3D’s paintings “Aztec West” and “Sacred Gut” taken from the “Art of Massive Attack” book. Buy it direct from Vinyl Factory.

First announced in September 2013, the hardback edition of "3D and the Art of Massive Attack" finally hit bookshelves this week. Originally slated to come out in late October 2013, it has been delayed more than a few times in the interim. What was most frustrating about this was that there was hardly any information on the reasons for the delays or what the revised release date was. But anyway its here know and Vinyl Factory who are the publishers of this edition, have done a handsome job of putting it together with 3D.

The book is a visual history and portfolio of 3D and Massive Attack's visual history starting back with the 1980's in the old Wild Bunch days up to now. All of 3D's paintings, stencils and drawings are here. Lots of photography of the band too. All spread over 300 pages of goodness. For a Massive Attack fan it's a treat, to put it mildly.

There's also a rather long interview between 3D and the Vinyl Factory's Sean Bidder printed at the back of the book about putting this endeavor together. You can read the whole interview here first before buying.

While the hardback edition of the book only came out this week, there was a super limited (and expensive!) edition of the book, that for whatever reason came out much earlier in March 2014. I've had that edition since that time and can attest that it makes a fine addition to one's bookshelf. If you feel like spending £350 on what amounts to a luxury art piece in printed form, you can still buy it from here.

As for buying the regular hardback edition of the book, you can buy it direct from Vinyl Factory (shipping costs outside the UK are expensive however!), or from these reputable retailers:

Amazon UK - Amazon USBook Depository - Waterstones - Rough Trade - WH Smith - Foyles

WH Smith appear to be the cheapest offering at £32.50 with free UK postage. It appears as well, that the book is in rather limited supply across all of these retailers, so you might want to act now and pick up a copy, or otherwise be forced to wait another month or two.

3D and Noel Gallagher pictured together at last year’s Glastonbury after Massive Attack’s live set. More info about Battle Box 004 from Vinyl Factory.

In other news, as was widely reported last week, 3D and Euan Dickinson of Massive Attack have done a remix of ex-Oasis man Noel Gallagher's "The Right Stuff" from his 2nd solo album. This remix project is also the 4th entry in 3D's Battle Box project/label. The Vinyl Factory will release the remix single at the end of July in a limited edition of only 500 12" vinyl copies. The remix is embedded below for you to check out.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post, it appears that it has already sold out. You can still however pick up the other recent 3D collaboration (with Jean Michel Jarre) being published from the Vinyl Factory. As I write this, that one has yet to sell out.

OK so that's that for this news post. Anyone looking forward to getting their copy of  "3D and the Art of Massive Attack" book or what their thoughts are on the new Noel Gallagher remix, please leave a comment down below.


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