Bootlegs → Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 27th October 2009


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Artist: Massive Attack
Location: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: 27th October 2009

Source: Audience Recording. Originally seeded on Dimeadozen – 23/03/13. (Taper: renezand. Editor: Grigio. Tracked: Douglas)

Lineage: Church Audio CA-10 Omni-directional -> Church Audio ST-20A Mic Preamp Gain-27 -> Edirol R09 -> Sandisk 8GB SD card -> Har-Bal v2.3 -> Wavelab v6.10 -> FLAC (Level 5)

Notes: My location at the venue: straight under the left speaker stack, about 10th row or so, maybe 30ft from stage.
At one point there was a little bit of a fuss with a sweet little Asian girl standing next to me and a couple of guys who came to stand behind us.
My friend who was with me later told me that one of the guy’s was making troubles and the Asian girl turned around an gave him a kick to his legs that calmed him down 
I never noticed that and the girl who knew that I was taping never knew that the security saw that little fus and send a guy out to monitor the situation. I saw the security looking my way all the time and got scared that they might have spoted me as I had a big SLR camera too for the stills. Then when the Asian girl whispered in my ear that there was a security guy standing behind me I pulled the SD cards from my camera and Edirol and gave them to my mate to secure the recordings so far. For the photographs this was okay but the Edirol never closed the recording as I pulled out the sd card whilst still recording and the file was damaged. Last week grigio looked at the file and was able to restore it for me and I now present it to you all. Thanks to grigio for all the hard work he does for me and his friend Douglas for splitting and naming the tracks…

Size: 543MB

CD 1:

01. Bulletproof Love    – Duration: 03:08
02. Heartcliffe Star    – Duration: 05:46
03. Babel               – Duration: 05:40
04. Girl I love You     – Duration: 05:49
05. Risingson           – Duration: 05:11
06. Red Light           – Duration: 05:24
07. Future Proof        – Duration: 06:42
08. Teardrop            – Duration: 05:12
09. Psyche              – Duration: 03:56

CD 2:
01. Mezzanine           – Duration: 06:28
02. Angel               – Duration: 05:14
03. Safe From Harm      – Duration: 09:16
04. Inertia Creeps      – Duration: 08:50
05. Splitting The Atom  – Duration: 06:25
06. Unfinished Sympathy – Duration: 04:52
07. Atlas Air           – Duration: 10:49