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Artist: Massive Attack
Location: Santa Barbara Bowl, California, USA
Date: 17th October 2010

Source: Audience Recording (Taper: klingklang -

Lineage: CA-14 (cardioids) -> CA-9200 -> GAKables mini starquad -> Edirol R-09HR (@ 24bit/96kHz) -> Audacity (fades, amplify, export as 16bit/44.1kHz) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Notes: This was my 6th Massive Attack show and the second time they have played Santa Barbara.  Sadly, Horace Andy didn't make his plane, 
so he was not able to join the band on this extremely brief tour of Mexico and California.  I really enjoyed this performance because of the
different interpretations the band presented of their songs.  Everything came off darker and perhaps a little more sinister.  "Safe From Harm" 
was particularly tasty, plus it was great to hear " Battle Box 001," "Jupiter" and "Pray For Rain" live.   And as usual, the visual accompaniment
was emotionally and mentally informative (I still feel this band presents one of the greatest backdrops for a live show).

I wasn't able to get the seating area I usually prefer for this venue, so there is some noticeable audience noise throughout.  Fortunately, the
talking from rude people is mostly behind me.  The greatest noise occurs during "Karmacoma," "Battle Box 001," "Paradise Circus" through
"Psyche," a little in "Teardrop" and a lot in "Angel."  But the loudest noise emanates from some very loud and obnoxious latecomers at the
end of "Jupiter" into "Inertia Creeps," who then celebrate locating their seats and then never stfu.  There is also a moment of phasing in
"United Snakes" and some minor clapping along in "Unfinished Sympathy."  And unfortunately, I had a brief mic issue (static and dropouts) 
when someone squeezed past me at the beginning of "Pray For Rain" and I had to shift my body sideways so he could get past me in the
narrow rows.  I've tried to fix that as best as I could, but it's still extremely noticeable.

I took a lot of photos and have included a selection for your viewing pleasure.  If you'd like to see more pics from the evening, please
refer to my respective Massive Attack photo album at 

This is dedicated to kr00070.  If you're still out there on this mortal coil, I hope this recording finds its way to you. 

Total Size: 473MB

CD 1:
01. Karmacoma                - Duration: 05:00
02. Battle Box               - Duration: 05:25
03. United Snakes            - Duration: 05:38
04. Paradise Circus          - Duration: 05:21
05. Risingson                - Duration: 05:24
06. Psyche (Flash Treatment) - Duration: 03:57
07. Future Proof             - Duration: 06:31
08. Teardrop                 - Duration: 05:15
09. Angel                    - Duration: 06:10
10. Jupiter                  - Duration: 06:07
11. Inertia Creeps           - Duration: 06:15

CD 2:
01. Safe From Harm           - Duration: 10:04
02. Splitting The Atom       - Duration: 05:59
03. Pray For Rain            - Duration: 07:07
04. Unfinished Sympathy      - Duration: 07:37