UK Promo Vinyl


Catalogue #: MASS001

Release Date: Sometime in Summer 1988

Rarity Rating: 4/5 (Rare)

Packaging: Slimline Cardboard Vinyl Sleeve With Sticker

Notes: A historic release for Massive Attack for the simple reason of being the first ever record produced to bear the Massive Attack name. Only around a 1000 copies were produced and distributed mostly in and around Bristol by Daddy G back in 1988. It is quite rare but not among the rarest Massive Attack collector's items as it continually appears at auction and in online shops, most likely because the sellers know that it is Massive Attack's very first release and believe it to be valuable which is why it appears quite often.

A1. Any Love - Duration: 04:55 A2. Any Love (Bonus) - Duration: 02:13 B1. Any Love (Inst.) - Duration: 04:55 B2. Any Love (Accapella) - Duration: 00:53