UK Promo Keyring Viewer


Catalogue #: CCDTR 75

Release Date: Sometime in 1991

Rarity Rating: 5/5 (Very Rare)

Packaging: Light Cardboard Box With Two Inner Compartments To Hold The Keyring Viewer And The Reel Tape

Notes: This battery operated picture player keyring with a reel of tape that features the black & white images from the Daydreaming promo video. This hand-held viewer measures approximately 3" x 2" x 1½". Less than 100 of this fairly unique promo item was produced.

UK Promo Electrical Plug

Catalogue #: WBR3

Release Date: June 1991

Rarity Rating: 5/5 (Very Rare)

Packaging: Electrical Plug Without Cord In Cardboard Packaging With Cardboard Strip

Notes: One of the most unusual and unique promo items produced for Massive Attack. This was literally an electrical plug made to promote (or more aptly, plug!) the Safe From Harm single, which was inspired by the image of a plug on the single's front cover.

US Press Kit

Catalogue #: N/A

Release Date: Summer 1991

Rarity Rating: 4/5 (Rare)

Packaging: 14" X 12" Generic Virgin Records Folder

Notes: This press kit given to North American journalists in order to promote Blue Lines includes a 4 page press release containing a biography of Massive Attack along with mini-reviews of Blue Lines. There is also four 8" X 10" high quality black and white publicity photos of Massive Attack. All three of these photos were taken by professional music photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. By looking at the accompanying photos, you may also note that one of the photos has been autographed by 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom.

US Promo Poster

Catalogue #: N/A

Release Date: September 1998

Rarity Rating: 4/5 (Rare)

Packaging: Roughly 1m X 0.75m Foldout Poster

Notes: This huge poster contains a very interesting with Massive Attack on the release of Blue Lines. the poster also contains some rarely seen photos of Massive Attack from this period. The poster was produced by Circa Records America.

UK Promo Football Shirt

Catalogue #: N/A

Release Date: Sometime in 1991

Rarity Rating: 5/5 (Very Rare)

Packaging: Football Shirt/Jersey (Medium Size)

Notes: Woven cotton long sleeved blue and red stripe football shirt with printed white 'Massive' logo across the front and 'flame' emblem printed on the left breast. Made to promote Blue Lines in the UK upon its release.