USA Retail Vinyl


Catalogue #: DPRO-14873

Release Date: September 1995

Rarity Rating: 4/5 (Rare)

Packaging: Generic Black Diecut Vinyl Sleeve

Notes: Even though a reported number of between 500-1000 of these promo vinyls were produced it appears regularly enough on auction sites, which reduces its rarity somewhat, even though it usually sells for a considerable amount, no doubt caused by the cross-over interest from Madonna collectors. More than likely there are quite a few bootleg copies of this in existence.

A1. I Want You (Master Mix) - Duration: 06:20 A2. I Want You (Orchestral Edit) - Duration: 05:56 A3. I Want You (Vocal Mix) - Duration: 06:20 B1. I Want You (Juniors Club Mix) - Duration: 09:30 B2. I Want You (Juniors Short Club Mix) - Duration: 05:43 B3. I Want You (Juniors Radio Edit) - Duration: 06:23

USA Promo U-Matic Tape

Catalogue #: N/A

Release Date: October 1995

Rarity Rating: 5/5 (Very Rare)

Packaging: Hard Plastic 3/4 ft Length Case

Notes: This is a special promo in the U-Matic tape format. The tape is roughly double the size of a normal VHS and it was used primarily in TV stations for broadcast purposes.

01. I Want You - Duration: 06:22