Japanese Promo CD


Catalogue #: PCDS-0191

Release Date: Sometime in late 1997

Rarity Rating: 5/5 (Very Rare)

Packaging: Slimline Plastic Jewelcase

Notes: This remains the only 3" (as opposed to a regular 5") CD, to bear Massive Attack's name. It was produced by Toshiba-EMI to help promote the film The Jackal's release in Japan at the start of 1998. Superpredators also appears on the soundtrack album to The Jackal as well.

01. Superpredators - Duration: 05:13

UK Promo Vinyl

Catalogue #: WBRTXDJ8

Release Date: June 1997

Rarity Rating: 4/5 (Rare)

Packaging: Generic Black Diecut Vinyl Sleeve

Notes: This is a one-sided vinyl acetate promo with no factory markings on it whatsoever. The catalogue number is etched into the runout groove and the name "Massive Attack - Superpredators" is written in marker on the vinyl.

A1. Superpredators - Duration: 05:13