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One of the promo images for 100th Window used to represent Everywhen. The photo was taken by Nick Thornton Jones & Warren du Preez.

One of the promo images for 100th Window used to represent Everywhen. The photo was taken by Nick Thornton Jones & Warren du Preez.


UK Release: 10th February 2003 (100th Window)

Track Duration: 07:37

Formats: CD, Vinyl, Digital. View Discography Entry.

Written By: Robert Del Naja and Neil Davidge

Produced By: Robert Del Naja and Neil Davidige

Horace Andy recorded his vocals for Everywhen during March 2002. 3D was also determined to write a track for Horace Andy completely without the use of samples or relying on cover versions as they had done on many previous Horace Andy sung songs. This ethos fitted in nicely with 100th Window‘s “no sample” approach. There was also an intentional desire to make Horace Andy’s vocals on this track and Name Taken not sound anything like what he sounded like normally in the past, in an attempt to move away from any hints of reggae on the album whatsoever.

Additional Info

Horace Andy perfoming Everywhen during  the 100th Window tour .

Horace Andy perfoming Everywhen during the 100th Window tour.

This song along with Name Taken were the first Horace Andy sung tracks to be written entirely from scratch and not be cover versions of previous Horace Andy solo material or contain any samples sinceHymn Of The Big Wheel on Blue Lines.

There is no guitar used at all on Everywhen. What many think is guitar is in fact drum effects put through multiple filtering processes.

Live Appearances

Everywhen was first played live at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on the 11th March 2003. It continued to be played throughout the duration of the entire 2003 tour, usually as the second track of the setlist, except at festival dates were it was omitted entirely. Its arrangement on this tour differed from the album version with the use of more live guitar samples and a more bombastic finale.

Following the 2003 tour, it was not played until the 2014 tour, were it reappeared in a differing arrangement to the 2003 performance. In contrast as well to the 2003 tour,it appeared more towards the end of the setlist, typically the third last song performed each night, except when on festival dates. Here are links to stream the two different live performances of Everywhen, the first from the 2003 tour and the second from the more recent 2014 tour, to compare how they sound.


Incantations – This alternative version of Everywhen, is more than likely a product of the 100th Window facsimile (also known as Version Point Five) project which 3D spoke of during the time around 100th Window’s release, which would have been the 100th Window songs represented as more simplified stripped back versions of the songs with arrangements taken from 2003 tour. This project failed to ever be fully completed and was never released however, evidently the new version of Everywhen (and also Small Time Shot Away) intended for this project were completed and released on Collected.

This song is also notable as according to the Collected inner sleeve notes, Daddy G apparently contributed to writing this remix, which if true would be his first actual involvement in the creation process since I Against I in 2002.

Notable Quotes

3D on the meaning behind Everywhen – “It’s the idea of a suspended beautiful moment, you know, a love song when you just crystallize that love for someone; just that moment that seems to be held, very pretty and pretentious at the same time” [The Raft – February 2003]

3D on the recording of Everywhen – “The drums on Everywhen, that was just a kick, rim shot and a hi-hat but put through various delays, Doppler effects and GRM pole filters that basically created a melodic backbone for the track. A lot of people think it’s guitar noises but there’s not a single guitar sound on that track”[Sound On Sound Magazine – April 2003]


My love. Your light. Incantations. Struck stars. Like tears fall. The sequence ends. Downtime. Godspeed. Everywhen. We concede. The sequence ends. And begins. Everything… You think you know. Everything… You think you know. You think you know. Blood ties. Blood ties. The sequence ends

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