Here's a very informative article from Uncut Magazine published in February 2010 about the genesis of that most seminal of Massive Attack tracks - Unfinished Sympathy. And yes, it's my favourite Massive Attack track of all time (on most days anyway). At least that's not as cliche as saying my favourite Massive track is Teardrop. :lol:

The magazine article itself has some new quotes from all the major players involved - 3D, Shara Nelson, Baillie Walsh (the video director) and Wil Malone (the string arranger).

Uncut Magazine Feature

I always love hearing about the behind the secenes process behind any Massive Attack song, and this article has some great insights. One thing that's interesting reading it, is how pretty minor things can have a big impact in the overall picture.

If it had'nt of been for Shara taking a tea break in the recording studio back on that day in 1990 (where she had the melody and lyrics just come to her), for instance, we might never have got Unfinished Sympathy.

The same could be said about the the shoot in Los Angeles for the video. Originally, it was going to be a far more elaborate camera setup, but the camera operator got knackered after the first take, so in the end the video ended up being alot more simple in comparison. Simplicity, in the end that made it a classic promo clip.

If your getting tired with the history lesson, here's the promo video down below. I'm sure we've all seen it.