This is the first post in a new series I'll be writing from now on, were I'll be featuring a different Massive Attack playlist on a recurring monthly basis. The playlist could be collecting together certain Massive songs (b-sides, rare mixes), audio interviews etc... arranged around some sort of theme - maybe remixes from Mezzanine or soundtrack only songs etc... And of course it gives me an excuse to show off the pop-up music player widget I made for the sidebar.

So for this inaugural playlist of the month, I'm focusing on the old 100th Window samples that used to be played repeatedly on the old MA.COM, circa 2003. They're an interesting representation of the album broken down into its most basic elementary forms. After listening to these, I think you may have an even further appreciation for the intricacies and depth of sound offered by the 100th Window album.

The only track to not have any samples available is Special Cases. For whatever reason, this track was not featured on the old MA.COM site. These samples have not to my knowledge been readily shared on the internet since they were taken down from MA.COM back around 2006, so enjoy them here now!

As its mid-March now, I probably won't be changing this playlist until the beginning of May.

You may already be aware that I uploaded these to my Youtube several months ago, so this may be slightly redundant playlist, but I thought it would work well as an introductory one. That Youtube playlist can be found here:

As for a bit of background, I ripped these samples from the old MA.COM myself back in the day - straight from my old computer's sound card. Actually over the years, I've become pretty proficient at ripping streaming audio/video from the web. Most of that admittedly being Massive Attack media that was impossible to download any other way. ;-)

MA.COM, circa 2003 - where these 100th Window samples were recorded from.  More info from .
MA.COM, circa 2003 - where these 100th Window samples were recorded from. More info from

Talking about the old MA.COM site, circa 2003 it was an all flash based affair, that for its time, was a great use of that particular medium - lots of pop-up's, overlaying images, blinking lights, sounds and music (that you could'nt mute). Very cool to experience, but kinda became annoying after awhile.

Bear in mind of course, that all flash promotional websites back in the early 00's were all the rage. Nowadays, if I saw an all flash based website I'd run a mile from it. But that's just how much the internet changes in less than a decade.

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