Anyone who was lucky to attend one of the 2003 shows on the 100th Window tour knows how awesome they were. I suppose it was a combination of Massive Attack's absence from touring in the four years previous to it, along with the amazing L.E.D screen provided by the UVA guys (still the best visuals on any of their tours since IMO).

It was also my first time I saw Massive live. Still remember it vividly, even though it is now just over 9 years ago - Brixton Academy, London -18th April 2003. Fittingly enough, it also happened to be a Good Friday that same day. A very good Friday it was too.

So in memory of the tour, I was originally going to post some of the photos taken at the shows that year, but instead opted for something a bit different - to post all the backstage/behind the scenes photos I have sitting on my hard drive. All of course, from the aforementioned 2003 shows.

In the gallery below are some nice candid photos (just over 100) showing Massive Attack getting prepared to go on stage before a packed crowd, or just chilling/travelling in between shows. It gives you some idea of what life must be like on the road for any touring band.

I'm pretty sure the majority of these photos would have been taken by Annabelle Dalby, who is to my knowledge the only time Massive Attack have hired a dedicated photographer to photograph the entirety of any of their tours. Which also explains why this tour is the best documented tour, certainly in terms of all these behind the scenes photos. None of the other tours come close in that regard.

And hey if after checking out some of these photos and you've got any memories of the 100th Window tour that you would like to share, please enlighten us in the comments below or on the forum.

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