While waiting for the new Tricky/MA collaboration to leak, we have something unexpected but decidedly welcome to tide us over until then.

What we have is a new remix of "The Don" by Massive Attack in its current incarnation (that being 3D and Tim Goldsworthy), of the upcoming single from the rapper known as Nas. It got its first play on the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1 last Friday with little notice, but that is about to change now that the Massive Attack Facebook page has posted the link to it on Soundcloud.

Hopefully, it won't get self-deleted from Soundcloud like the Summertime remix was. Don't know what the story was with that was, but whatever...

As for this Nas remix, I'll have to give it a few more proper listens, but hoping it will be a grower. The bass in this is definitely a plus. Too bad, the Soundcloud stream is so heavily compressed, but if its going to be on the "The Don" single (out 17th July), then that won't be a problem for much longer. You can listen to the original mix in the embed below to compare the two:

Also in other news, there is a new interview with 3D in this month's issue of Deluxx Magazine. I was nearly going to make a separate blog post about it, but combining it with the Nas remix news saves me some time as there is'nt any real new information in it except that a tour is planned for next year and that a possible art exhibition of some of 3D's artwork maybe in the cards. Thanks goes to Liquidsky for pointing the interview out to me. You can read the embed of the interview below:


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