Well it appears as if the prodigal son is actually returning to the Massive fold after all.

Paris Reunion With The Tricky Kid
Paris Reunion With The Tricky Kid

Posted earlier today on the Massive Attack Facebook by 3D was a picture of Tricky in his studio in Paris. This reunion has been on the cards it seems for quite awhile and its comforting to have some sort of photographic evidence that its really happening.

We first heard about the possibility of Massive and Tricky burying the hatchet after apparently having a  positive meeting of minds after a show in Paris in November 2009, which was first reported by Clashmusic. Perhaps working with Martina Topley-Bird on Heligoland is what helped ease tensions in the two camps after all this time, but I'm just speculating there. And I think Tricky needs to desperately make up for those Maxinquaye shows he put on last April, which from all accounts were utterly shambolic.

Of course, we should'nt assume anything when Massive Attack is concerned. This Tricky collaboration could be on the next Massive Attack LP or EP (or even Tricky's next), or a one-off single, or nothing might come of it at all. That last possibility is probably unlikely to happen, now that's there's been quite a bit of media attention swirling around this collaboration for a while now, I'm just saying anything could happen with it.

Obviously, I would like to hear it sooner than later, but I'm not getting too over-excited about it until its out there. While its nice to see they've patched things up, I would be alot more excited if we were talking about Mushroom here and not Tricky. Who knows, maybe the door to getting in touch again with Mushroom will now be open if they could get Tricky back onboard.

I'll finish off this post with the embed video below which contains an interview with Tricky from October 2011, where he mentions Massive Attack coming into his studio and how its so weird working with people you have'nt seen in over 10 years. Here's the direct quote of that from the interview:

It was wierd, the first few days. Being in the studio with someone you ain’t been in the studio with for like... 10 odd years. The first two hours was... big argument, striaght away. Soon as we met, it was ahh... And then after all that happened, it was cool. We’re writing now and we sat down in my apartment and they’ve been coming to Paris and it’s just good... it’s exciting.
— Tricky (All Saints Interview - October 2011)