Limited to a 1000 copies, the Dear Friend vinyl release is pressed on to a bold blue vinyl and housed in a screen-printed, red PVC sleeve. Click here to order from Vinyl Factory.

Following on from the first two EP's (Ritual Spirit and The Spoils) Massive Attack have released so far this year, we have two more brand new tracks on separate releases on the same day today. Both of these tracks can be previewed in this post.

The first of the two tracks, Dear Friend, features spoken word poet James Messiah rapping over a fractured stuttering beat. This track was first previewed in Massive Attack's Fantom remix app back in July, before been sold in a limited quality of 300 vinyl copies at Massive Attack's homecoming show on The Downs in Bristol earlier this month. Listen to a one minute sample of Dear Friend directly below:

Dear Friend vocalist, James Massiah is a spoken word poet and DJ from South London. Visit his official website by clicking here.

Now today, Vinyl Factory, have released another 700 vinyl copies of Dear Friend to buy online. The B-side of the Dear Friend single features the same James Messiah vocals of Dear Friend, overlayed over an instrumental version of Take It There. This also explains why Tricky has a writing credit on the B-side. For those who can't get or play the vinyl, a digital online release of Dear Friend is also promised to be released very soon.

In other related news, a vinyl release of The Spoils EP will see the light of day on the 4th November. This release will not be as limited as the Dear Friend vinyl and can be pre-order (among other places) from the official Massive Attack store.



New Tricky 7 track EP featuring a new Massive Attack track "For Nothing". Order it online from Bandcamp.

Now onto the other track released today, which is called For Nothing, and which appears on a new EP from Tricky out digitally today. At the moment they are no plans for a physical release.

The Obia EP is a collection of tracks from some of Tricky's favorite new acts, on his own False Idols imprint, and one of said acts is Euanwhosarmy, a pseudonym that Massive Attack (3D and Euan Dickinson) are using for this particular release. The “For Nothing” track is, for lack of a better word, pretty Massive Attack-y, a slow creep of buzzing electronics under newcomer Lyndsey Lupe’s narcotized vocals.

Tricky's Soundcloud profile has also uploaded the full track for everyone to listen to.

Lyndsey Lupe, the vocalist featured on new Massive Attack track "For Nothing", out on a new Tricky EP called "Obia". Check out her Twitter by clicking here.

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