I'm a bit late to the game here (pun intended), as by now its been reported by just about every major gaming publication on the planet but, the final tracklisting and release date for the Halo 4 soundtrack was announced yesterday.

Halo 4 is shaping up to be THE game of the year and as most of us should know, Massive Attack alumni Neil Davidge is taking on the task of providing the in-game score. I can't wait to hear the results, and wish Neil the best and that all the new fans he has garnered from the Halo gaming community will appreciate what he's got in store for them.

IGN have done a new interview with Neil and also posted up a fair amount of samples from the soundtrack for everyone to judge. Good for whetting the appetite for the main course, which will be on the 22nd October. I'll just post one of the samples on here - Awakening, probably my favourite that I've heard so far. As good a tune as any to blast a few aliens to. :-)

Halo 4 Special Edition Soundtrack
Halo 4 Special Edition Soundtrack

There's also the welcome addition of a remix album that is also being released alongside the regular album with various DJ's having a go at reinterpreting Neil's soundtrack work. One of those DJ's being Gui Boratto, who already remixed Massive Attack's Paradise Circus, a couple of years ago to great effect.

The remix version of the soundtrack will only be available as part of a special limited edition that comes with a lot of other goodies, which are always nice if you can afford it, which in this case is £50/$75. I know I've already put myself down for one. ;-)

So, I'll probably come back to this topic on the blog in or around the 22nd October once I get to hear the soundtrack in it's entirety. In the meantime, I've got to get myself an Xbox 360. :oops:

With that admission out of the way, I'll just finish this post with an embed video of Neil being interviewed at E3 in Los Angeles last June about the soundtrack.