"The Spoils" is the first track from the new as yet unnamed Massive Attack EP, which is primarily the work of Daddy G.

EDIT: Since first writing this post, its been announced that a 2 track single with The Spoils as its A-Side and Come Near Me as its B-Side has been released as of today (29th July) online to buy. The video for Come Near Me can be watched here. 

While Massive Attack are busying themselves with touring around Europe this month, earlier today on BBC6 Music we got the first taste of what presumably is the next Massive Attack EP. When the Ritual Spirit EP came out last January we were promised at the time another EP (with Daddy G taking the reins from 3D), that would come out in the Summer. Well it looks like that promise has been delivered upon.

The first of the three new tracks on the as yet unnamed EP is called "The Spoils" and features the return of Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval, who most fans will remember from her first collaboration with Massive Attack, Paradise Circus on the Heligoland album. The new song is a return to Massive Attack's trip-hop roots with gorgeous lush strings over a sparse drumbeat punctuated with Hope's breathless vocals.

Here's the first 90 seconds of the radio rip of "The Spoils" embedded below. To hear the full track, skip to approximately 01:51:30 into the BBC6 stream linked here.

Former Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval is the vocalist on "The Spoils". She previously worked with Massive Attack on Paradise Circus.

According to a blog post on BBC6 Music, the new song is written by Daddy G and collaborator Stew Jackson (who also helped write Paradise Circus). This is the first original Massive Attack song ever in that case to not feature a writing credit from 3D. The band have spoken before in the past of working together separately and putting music out under the Massive Attack name without the other's involvement, but with the release of the 3D-only Ritual Spirit EP and now this new Daddy G centric EP, that plan seems to finally be coming to fruition.

As with the Ritual Spirit EP, the three songs forming the new EP are available to remix on Massive Attack's Fantom App (only available on iPhone). Here are a few of those remixes embedded below.

The other two tracks featured on the new EP will be titled "Come Near Me" (with vocals from British singer Ghostpoet) and "Dear Friend". The "Come Near Me" track will also receive a full fledged promo video directed and produced by Rattling Stick, who did great work earlier this year on the Voodoo In My Blood promo video.

So to finish off this post, here's roundup of some of the first initial reactions on Twitter to "The Spoils".  Looking forward to the next two EP tracks coming soon!

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