"A story seimic enough to shift perceptions of finace and flag forever".  Visit the website for "The UK Gold".
"A story seimic enough to shift perceptions of finace and flag forever". Visit the website for "The UK Gold".

Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Robert Del Naja (who should need no introduction on here) are jointly scoring the soundtrack to an upcoming film documentary entitled "The UK Gold". The documentary is getting its world premiere at London's Troxy Theatre on the 25th June.

The premiere will also apparently feature "a special musical performance by a secret act". We'll just have to leave that to the imagination on who that could be - Del Naja/Yorke super group for one night only perhaps?

The subject matter of the documentary is concerned with "the history of tax avoidance from the Cayman Islands to Clapton and how Britain is becoming the tax haven of the world".

You can find out more details about "The UK Gold" on its website." Here's a quote about it from the director Mark Donne -

This is a political documentary, but more than anything else it is an extraordinary story. To have a quintessentially English figure embarking on an odyssey to understand how London remains the financial capital of the world is in itself a fascinating narrative. To have this journey unfurling at the exact time that the eyes of the world were on this country, during the Jubilee and the Olympics, gives the story a powerful twist with a pretty stunning soundtrack from the creative hearts of Radiohead and Massive Attack to create a spellbinding experience.
— Mark Donne (Telegraph - May 2013)

On some level this is'nt all that surprising that 3D and Thom Yorke should join forces on a project such as this. This interview on Youtube (also embedded below) from December 2011 was when they talked about some of these same issues at Occupy London.

A little bit off-topic here, but this is'nt the only soundtrack project this year for Del Naja. Whilst I have'nt yet blogged about this until now, 3D has also contributed to the soundtrack to an Australian musical theatre production of King Kong, which will be kicking off in Melbourne at the end of this month. Last week, a Youtube video featuring samples of 3D's work for said musical went online.

So while I don't believe a new Massive Attack album is anywhere near the horizon yet, at least we have a few things to look forward to this year as fans, between the soundtracks for "The UK Gold" & "King Kong", 3D's "Fire Sale" exhibit in London, the "Art Of Massive Attack" book and finally the Adam Curtis live shows. Mark them down on your calendar!

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