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The "Nature Of Threat" Is Released As A Free Digital Download

11th August 2000

A new song called Nature Of Threat is released on the official Massive Attack website as a download only single on this date. It is the only out-take from the soon to be abandoned Lupine Howl recording sessions in Ridge Farm to ever be released. It was also used to promote the upcoming Massive Attack live webchat, which would happen the week after.

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3D Art Book "Fitting In" Is Released

11th July 2000

3D's first ever art book called "Fittng In" is released on this date. It features images and paintings from 3D, from the past 10 years as well as piece's never before seen, and is a very limited edition print of only 150 copies. Only 50 of these books were made available to the public at the very hefty price tag of £380 + VAT + Shipping! They were sold exclusively through the Eyestorm wesbite. The other 100 copies were given away free to close friends of 3D.

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Massive Attack Remix Primal Scream

20th March 2000

A new Massive Attack remix of "Exterminator", appeared on Primal Scream's single of the same name, released on this date in the UK. Primal Scream had previously remixed Teardrop for Massive Attack, so this could be seen as returning the favour.

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"One Day At a A Time" Is Released On The Ordinary Decent Criminal Soundtrack

14th March 2000

The Ordinary Decent Criminal soundtrack album is released on this date in the UK. The first track on it is a collaboration between Damon Albarn and 3D called "One Day At A Time". This would not be Damon Albarn's last collaboration with Massive Attack as he would later contribute to Saturday Come Slow on Heligoland.

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