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New Massive Attack Track With Young Fathers Debuts In Online Film About Climate Change

4th December 2015

A short film by director Mark Donne premiemes online on this date. The film satirizes complacent attitudes toward climate change and was shown at the Paris Cop 21 climate change conference the same month. Th soundtrack to the film was provided by Massive Attack in collaboration with Scottish hip-hop band Yound Fathers (who they would tour with the following year). The new song heard here would eventually also be played on the 2016 live tour and would become known as "He Says He Needs Me".

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3D Produces Sound Collage Art Installation in Italy Called "Audio Ghost 68"

17th October 2015

3D and artist Giancarlo Neri teamed up to create an opera of light and sound called "Audio Ghost 68" at Alberto Burri’s “Grande Cretto”, the largest permanent land artwork in Europe. 3D cut together a collage of sound for 1968 and a method for it's delivery: 250 FM radios were placed around the 27.4 acre site in order to create a distributed audio network. The soundtrack was then broadcast by a local radio station, transmitting the ghostly voices and music of that time.

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Hardback Edition Of "Art Of Massive Attack" Finally Released

10th July 2015

First announced in September 2013, the regular hardback edition of "3D and the Art of Massive Attack" finally hit bookshelves this week. Originally slated to come out in late October 2013, it has been delayed more than a few times in the interim. The deluxe edition copy of the book which cost £350 had originally come out over a year earlier in 2014.

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Battle Box 004 Featuring Noel Gallagher Released

1st July 2015

The 4th release from 3D's Battle Box side-project is released on this date. It features two different remixes of "The Right Stuff", a new track off of Noel Gallgher's High Flying Birds album which was released earlier in 2015. The 12" edition of the track was released exclusively by The Vinyl Factory in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Unlike the last three Battle Box issues no promo video was produced for this release.

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New Jean-Michel Jarre Collaboration

13th May 2015

One of the pioneers of early electronic music Jean-Michel Jarre, announced a string of high profile collaborations to be issued on limited edition 12" issues from The Vinyl Factory on thsi date. One of these colloborations included 3D from Massive Attack and was called "Watching You".

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"UK Gold" Soundtrack By 3D And Thom Yorke Of Radiohead Is Released On Soundcloud

25th February 2015

First announced back in Summer 2013, the pairing of 3D and Thom Yorke of Radiohead is finally released on Soundcloud to listen to on this date. Their work together was part of the soundtrack to The UK Gold, a film about tax evasion in the City of London. The soundtrack was 12 tracks in length (6 being from 3D and the remainder from thom Yorke).

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