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The First Battle Box 12" Is Released From Vinyl Factory

12th December 2012

On this date, Vinyl Factory released the first in a planned series of vinyl exclusive releases from Massive Attack's 3D. This particular release featured Guy Garvey from Elbow on vocals. A promo video directed by Dusan Reljin also made its debut online on this same date.

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Unreleased Terry Callier Session Tape Released On Soundcloud

29th November 2012

To honour the passing of singer Terry Callier, Massive Attack released a mixtape comprised of alternative takes from their recording sessions with Terry from 2005. The songs in order are John Lee Hooker, Live With Me, Wings and an unnamed piano piece.

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Blue Lines 2012 Released

19th November 2012

The remixed and remastered version of Massive Attack's debut album, Blue Lines, was released on this date, after first being announced back in September.

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Neil Davidge's Score For Halo 4 Released

22nd October 2012

Frequent Massive Attack writer/producer, Neil Davidge's first major solo work sans Massive Attack, the score for the eagerly anticipated XBOX game, "Halo 4" was released worldwide on this date.

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New Song By 3D Composed Especially For New Musical Of King Kong

7th October 2012

The global launch event for a new Australian musical theatre production of King Kong took place on this date. 3D composed a new piece of music especially for this musical called "Colossus". At this event, Adam Lyons, the actor performing the role of Carl Denham performed the new 3D composed song.

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Remix Of The XX's Crystalised On Soundcloud

5th August 2012

Yet again Massive Attack released another remix production exclusively on Soundcloud. This time being a remix of a cover version of The XX's track "Crystalised" featuring vocals with Mark Lanegan and Martina Topley Bird

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Nas Remix of The Don Gets Released On Soundcloud

25th May 2012

Massive Attack without any prior warning, self released their remix of the new Nas single "The Don" on Soundcloud on this date. It has yet to get an official release physically at this time.

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Scarlett Johansson Collaboration Gets Soundtrack Release

8th May 2012

A track called Summetime featuring Massive Attack (3D & Tim Goldsworthy) with vocals from Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is released on the "Days Of Grace" soundtrack on this date in the US. This collaboration had been announced nearly a year ago in May 2011.

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New Mark Stewart Album With Daddy G Vocals

26th March 2012

Mark Stewart (formerly of Bristol's infamous Pop Group) released a new album on this date in the UK. On one track, "Apocalypse Hotel ", Daddy G is featured trading vocals with Mark. Massive Attack had previously invited Mark Stewart to play Meltdown during their curation of the festival in 2008.

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