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Dot Allison Self-Releases Aftersun

28th October 2005

Dot Allison released on this date, a free digital download on her website of a song called Aftersun, which was a joint collaboration between her and Massive Attack for the Danny The Dog soundtrack. The song which had been featured on the end credits of the film was not on the soundtrack album (for unknown reasons).

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Daddy G Remix Of 4Hero's "Morning Child" Released

14th October 2005

A rare Daddy G only remix of the new 4Hero single "Morning Child" was released on this date in the UK.

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Bullet Boy Soundtrack Released On Itunes

25th February 2005

The Massive Attack score for the British film "Bullet Boy" was released onto Itunes as a digital download exclusive on this date. There was no physical release.

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Benefit Concert Held in Bristol Alongside Portishead

19th February 2005

Massive Attack and Portishead performed live together as a part of the fund raising concert for the "Tsunami: Crisis in Asia" at the Bristol Academy. It was Portishead’s first live show in 7 years at the time. It was held over two nights and was broadcast live on the internet.

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