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Special Cases Promo Video Filming Date

14th December 2002

The promo video for "Special Cases", directed by the French film production duo H5, is filmed on this date at the BT Building in Greenwich Park, Watford in the UK. It would not be premiered on TV until early in the following year.

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Wild Bunch Mix CD By DJ Milo Released

28th October 2002

A new compilation mixed by former Wild Bunch member DJ Milo is released on this date in the UK that attempts to offer a good idea of the music and culture behind The Wild Bunch, the soundsystem collective that Massive Attack emerged from in the 1980's.

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3D And Damon Albarn Put Out Anti-War Ad In NME

11th September 2002

The anti-war poster designed and financed by Damon Albarn of Blur and 3D appeared in this week's NME, amid accusations from 3D that bands are unwilling to speak out on the issue. The double page advert, featured in the centre spread of that week's paper, was aimed at raising awareness of opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack on Iraq.

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Mos Def Collaboration "I Against I" Is Released On The Blade 2 Soundtrack

19th March 2002

The Blade 2 soundtrack is released on this date. It contains the new Massive Attack collaboration with American rapper Mos Def called I Against I, for which the song was concieved specifically for. The song was also released for free as a download on MassiveAttack.com the same month.

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3D's Nocturne Sessions

12th March 2002

3D's compilation mix CD simpy entitled "Nocturne Sessions Disk 3: Mixed By Robert(3D) Del Naja" is given a very limited release on this date. It was given only to the first 200 patrons of Massive Attack's recently opened nightclub, Nocturne and was thusly named after said nightclub. The mix CD would contain three new Massive Attack songs, two of which were never released on any other record (Inflight Data and a Mad Professor remix of Risingson).

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3D Remix Of New Lupine Howl Single Released

1st March 2002

A new single released today from Bristol-based band Lupine Howl called Vaporizer contains a new mix from 3D and Neil Davidge. Lupine Howl were the band that Massive Attack had jammed with at the Ridge Farm recording sessions back in 2000 for their theoretical 4th album, that were ultimately abandoned.

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