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Massive Attack Online Store Re-Opens

29th November 2013

Massive Attack reopens their online store on this date. The store offers such things as new T-Shirts, vinyls and most interestingly a digital download of 2011's previously vinyl only release of the Massive attack V Burial EP.

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Battle Box 002 Vinyl & Video Released

17th October 2013

The second Battle Box release from 3D's side project is released on this date containing a new track Jupiter and a remix to go along with it. The vocals on Jupiter are by Congolese musician Jupiter Bokonjdi. Similar to the first release from Battle Box, it is made available as an exclusive 12" vinyl from Vinyl Factory and a promo video is also produced for it.

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Last Show Of Massive Attack V Adam Curtis Held In New York

4th October 2013

The last of the 18 Massive Attack V Adam Curtis shows is held in the Park Avenue Armory in New York on this date. Before the final show that night, a special arts panel convened to talk about the issues surrounding the production of the show.

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First Show Of Massive Attack V Adam Curtis Held In Manchester

4th July 2013

First announced back in Janurary, the highly anticipated and mysterious union between Massive Attack and reknowned documentarian Adam Curtis gets underway with its first show in Manchester as part of the Manchester International Festival. The show would be played a total of 18 times during the year in Manchester, Germany and New York.

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"UK Gold" Scored By 3D And Thom Yorke Of Radiohead Is Premiered

25th June 2013

The world premiere of a new documentary by Mark Donne is screened in London on this date. The soundtrack for it was scored by 3D of Massive Attack and Thom Yorke of Radiohead. The soundtrack was not released on its own until 2015.

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Opening Night Of 3D's Fire Sale

23rd May 2013

An event several years in the making got its opening night tonight, when 3D's Fire Sale exhibit opened to the public at London's Lazarides gallery. The exhibit featured artwork from 3D's entire career curated together for the first time ever. 3D and Daddy G were also on hand to DJ at the opening night.

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