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Eleven Promos DVD Released

10th November 2001

The only Massive Attack release of the year occured on this day with the release in UK shops of the Eleven Promos DVD, which comprised all of Massive Attack's 11 promo videos for their singles released so far. The Eleven Promos DVD would not be released in North America until later on the following year.

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David Bowie Collaboration "Nature Boy" Is Released On The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

5th August 2001

The Moulin Rouge soundtrack is released on this date in the UK, and it contained a brand new Massive Attack collaboration with famed singer David Bowie called Nature Boy.

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UNKLE's Promo Video For "Eye For An Eye" Debuts

4th August 2001

The Edinburgh Film Festival featured the world premiere of the new U.N.K.L.E promo video for Eye For An Eye, a song that would be not released as a single for another year later. The video is more like a short story of the collapse of utiopia and the horrors of war, than a typical promo video. The video is of relevance to Massive Attack fans as 3D was the artistic director behind it, with many of his designs and figures such as the Eurochild and the Insect President being featured.

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"All Main Courses" Remix Of A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras Released

2nd July 2001

A new single called "3 Libras" is released on this date from the rock group A Perfect Circle, which would contain a new Massive Attack remix of the title song. This remix goes by the peculiar name of "All Main Courses" and spins the original song out to more than double its three and a half minutes, drowning it in a deep, dark collage of looped vocals, haunting keys and otherworldly echoes.

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3 New Massive Attack Remixes On The Latest Dandy Warhols Single

1st July 2001

Today saw the release of a new single from American rockers, The Dandy Warhols called "Godless". The single contained three seperate remixes of the title song mixed by Massive Attack. This remix work occured after news from late last year, stated that Massive Attack had collaborated on a new song with The Dandy Warhols called preliminary "House Of Yes", a song that remains unreleased to this day.

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Daddy G Lends Vocals To New Alpha Album

19th March 2001

Daddy G lent his vocals to a song called "Wishes" on the new Alpha album "The Impossible Thrill", which was released this day in the UK. Alpha, who are a Bristol band, were signed to Massive Attack's Melankolic record label at the time. They had previously remixed Inertia Creeps back in 1998.

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