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Massive Attack Conduct Short Asian Tour

19th November 2017

Starting on this date, Massive Attack conducted a small Asian tour consisting of 1 Hong Kong date and 2 Tokyo dates. The setlist and stage production was pretty similar to what they did on their Summer 2016 tour. Martina Topley-Bird was not present on these dates (so no Teardrop or Paradise Circus was played).

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Rare Track "Wire" Finally Released In Full Length Form

1st December 2016

Wire was one of Massive Attack's rarest tracks that they originally produced back in 1997 for the Welcome To Sarajevo soundtrack that never got officially released at the time. For many years, a 3 minute length demo of this track floated around the internet that was unfortunately missing the 2nd half of the song. On this date however, Sara Jay, the singer on the track located the original demo of the track she had done with Massive Attack and uploaded it to YouTube.

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Massive Attack Spotted At Apple IPhone X Launch Event

12th September 2017

Both 3D and Daddy G were spotted at the launch event for the new iPhone X in California on this date.

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American Band Algiers Recording New Material With MAssive Attack

10th June 2017

Back in June, the American band Algiers were spotted in Massive Attack's studio working on new as yet unreleased material with the band. Very likely that Algiers will feature in some way on the next Massive Attack album.

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New Daddy G Remix of Gonjasufi Track

1st March 2017

Daddy G remixed a track called "Your Maker" by the American artist Gonjasufi. It was released on this date as a free download.

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